Pre-order the 10″ black vinyl of Roufaida’s self titled debut EP

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For Farah Records
Release date: 
20 april 2023

Side A
1. Canvas
2. Barrier
3. Don’t Bend

Side B
4. Kalimat
5. Ourinou
6. Midsummer
7. Milk

Written, recorded and produced by Roufaida at home and studio Katzwijm. All instruments, programming and vocals by Roufaida, except for trumpet on Milk by Suzan Veneman, acoustic drums on Don’t Bend by Joost Wesseling at Studio Galassasa, bass guitar on Midsummer by Budy Mokoginta.

Mixed by Mokosound, mastered by Alex Geurink.

كلمات is based on a poem by Nizar Qabbani, Samples on Ourinou from Mant Assabab Inou by Fatima Nadoria. Samples on Barrier from Abrid Nettonobin by Mimount ‘n Serwan.

Cover design by Laura Gieseke. Illustration by Roufaida and Marleen Felius.

Made possible by Stichting Droom & Daad, Performing Arts Fund, SENA Muziekproductiefonds, de Popunie. Special thanks to Musickness, LAB Music, Arjo Klingens and BIRD Rotterdam.